Recessed Light Cover


Recessed downlights are used in many American homes and businesses. Despite their growing popularity, they represent a potential fire hazard, especially when buried with insulation. Numerous house fires have been caused by hot recessed lights mistakenly covered with foam, cellulose and other blown-in or lay-in insulation materials.

For this reason the regulation for installing recessed lights has been tightened and is now covered by the International Building Code, the National Electric Code, and the Uniform Building Code, which serve as the guideline for almost every state and local fire code in the United States.

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) have developed specific thermal and flammability tests to ensure that recessed light covers are safe to use in conjunction with non-IC light fixtures.

TENMAT covers are the ONLY enclosures on the market that have passed both stringent thermal and flammability tests: UL1598 and IEC60598-1.

> View Thermal test with reference to UL1598 and IEC 60598-1
> View Flammability test with reference to UL1598 and IEC 60598-1

The tests not only verify that the lights are safe to operate with a variety of lamps but also make sure that the covers are capable of withstanding prolonged contact with a glowing wire at 1200°F and an open flame. In addition, TENMAT Recessed Light Covers also comply with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Requirement LSD 57-0213 Polyurethane Foam Application: Lighting Equipment, since the covers keep potentially flammable insulation at a safe distance from hot recessed lights.

In conclusion, the use of TENMAT recessed light covers not only eliminates costly energy losses through the ceiling openings but also protects the lights from becoming accidentally in contact with potentially flammable materials.

TENMAT Recessed Light Covers – Installed in seconds. Protection for life.

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