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Keep Insulation AWAY from HOT Recessed Cans!!!

According to the Department of Energy, a home loses costly heat and cooling through ceiling openings for recessed lights. To solve this issue TENMAT, the manufacturer of the only flexible UL Fire Rated Light Cover, introduces the FF Recessed Light Protection Cover Series.

The TENMAT enclosures are fire resistant covers that seal the opening and protect your light fixture from insulation in the attic.

  • By stopping heat and air conditioning from escaping and restricting cold air from coming inside, the draft stop covers will help to significantly reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.
  • TENMAT insulation protection covers are the only flexible recessed light enclosures that have been specifically designed to keep insulation away from recessed lights in attics and roof/ceiling designs.
  • The covers maintain sufficient space around the fixture for proper functionality when surrounded by sprayed foam, mineral wool, fiber glass and blown-in cellulose. The dome-shaped barriers are made of durable, thermal insulating mineral wool, and arrive fully assembled to be installed within seconds.
  • Simply put the flexible and lightweight covers on top of your light fixture – Done Deal!

STOP Energy Loss through your Recessed Lights!!! 

Is your energy bill literally going through the roof?

Are your recessed lights draft proofed?

Are you planning on adding insulation
in your attic?

Are your light fixtures installed to the latest fire safety standards?

Safe Cover Installation
The Tenmat Difference